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Animal Flow Workout

Animal Flow Workout Program? The Animal Flow Workout program was put together by Mike Fitch, from Global Bodyweight Training, and is the culmination of his long years studying various forms of exercises, such as Parkour, Capoeira, breakdancing, and bodyweight training. His aim is to share his experience to bring together bodyweight enthusiasts worldwide. The Animal [...]

Pre-Built Home Sauna Kits

Home Sauna Kits Are Easy to Make and Good for Your Health A sauna is a small room in which to enjoy the pleasures of wet or dry heat sessions with few or no clothes on. The good thing is that you can buy saunas in kit form and put them together yourself. Home Sauna [...]

My Exercise Bike !

Exercise Equipment I have tried posting videos here but for some reasont hey never work. In my attempt to get fit or maybe that should be keep fit I thought I should get an exercise bike. Was that a good idea ? Only time will tell. It certainly forces you to get up off your [...]

Yoga Postures Video

Yoga Standing Asanas Video Yoga is now very popular in the west as a way of keeping fir. It is of course much more than that being a discpline designer to achieve unionwith the Absolute – yoga means union after all. Neverthless, lots of people aprpeciate yoga as a means to keep fit. For a [...]


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