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Cordyceps Health Benefits

Cordyceps Health Benefits Cordyceps sinensis, also called just cordyceps, has been known for thousands of years in Tibet and China but is only just becoming known in the West. It is a type of mushroom, that on the one hand you can use as a health supplement, which apparently has enormous medical benefits. You can [...]

Motorized Treadmill Tips

Tips for Choosing a Motorized Treadmill In the area of health and fitness, motorised treadmills are amongst the most popular forms of home exercise equipment for people wanting to lose weight, but what do you need to look out for in a motorised treadmill? Firstly the motor must be efficient. Generally a 1.5 hp motor [...]

Choosing Exercise Equipment

Choosing Exercise Equipment If you decide to invest in exercise equipment it is important to know what type of home exercise equipment you wish to purchase? There are a wide variety of different tyoes of exercise equipment available on the market.  exercise bikes, treadmills, elliptical trainers  weight training equipment, ski training equipment, and also equipment used [...]

Pilates Video

Pilates Warm and Warm Down OK here is another attempt to put up a video from VideoJug – if this one doesn’t work I’ll knock it on the head and go back to using exercise equipment Preventing Injuries:Pilates: How To Warm Up And Cool Down

Health and Fitness Tip

Health and Fitness – Eat Less Exercise More My first post on the Health and Fitness blog. A recent survey has shown that it’s not the diet that you follow that makes the difference – Atkins, Zone, High protein or whatever, they are all valid as long as you stick to the plan diligently. The [...]


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