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Animal Flow Workout

Animal Flow Workout Program? The Animal Flow Workout program was put together by Mike Fitch, from Global Bodyweight Training, and is the culmination of his long years studying various forms of exercises, such as Parkour, Capoeira, breakdancing, and bodyweight training. His aim is to share his experience to bring together bodyweight enthusiasts worldwide. The Animal [...]

Animal Flow Workout Program?

The Animal Flow Workout program was put together by Mike Fitch, from Global Bodyweight Training, and is the culmination of his long years studying various forms of exercises, such as Parkour, Capoeira, breakdancing, and bodyweight training.

His aim is to share his experience to bring together bodyweight enthusiasts worldwide.

The Animal Flow Workout program aims to copy animal movements so as to tone all the muscles of the body by mimicking certain primal movements.

“I was so impressed with the results I was seeing in my body that I kept exploring more non-traditional disciplines like Parkour, Capoeira and breakdancing. … I’ve been able to draw upon my expertise and personal experience to synthesize the best components of each into my own bodyweight training program. I’ve found that animal movements in particular translate really well into nearly every style of bodyweight training, and so it was natural that this would be my first DVD.”

The aim of Animal Flow is to bring movement back into fitness and to get away from “fixed-axis machines”.

The Animal Flow Workout program contains a number of elements?


Step-by-step guide through easy-to-follow lessons. Starting with essential animal forms, : The Ape, the Beast, and the Crab. The video provides detailed instructions on the correct way to perform the basic forms, travels, and switches.


Options for practising in small areas such as your home or such as outdoors.
Dynamic Warm-ups

Bonus Sample Workouts

6 SAMPLE WORKOUTS that show how to incorporate the new moves into complete routines. The workouts are in the form of downloadable PDFs.

The animal workout is great for ensuring maximum mobility and strength in areas that are often neglected by traditional stationary forms of exercise. It ensures that you remain supple as well as strong and fit and that your joints remain healthy, a strong body is nothing without the healthy joints needed to carry it about !

For full details on the animal workout video program check out – Animal Flow

Cordyceps Health Benefits

Cordyceps Health Benefits

Cordyceps sinensis, also called just cordyceps, has been known for thousands of years in Tibet and China but is only just becoming known in the West. It is a type of mushroom, that on the one hand you can use as a health supplement, which apparently has enormous medical benefits. You can buy it in tablet form. But on the other hand is a rather disturbing fungus or mushroom that infects insects and takes control of their minds and directs them to do what it wants !

Seeing in action it is like watching something out of a Hollywood movie. Take a look at the video by the BBC in the link and see how cordyceps sinensis controls ants brains.

All species of Cordyceps are endoparasitoids, and live mainly on insects and other arthropods ; a few live as parasites on other fungi. They are also extremely expensive to buy and represent good business for the Tibetans who gather them, rather like truffles in France and Italy.

In the West cordyceps was largely unknown until 1993 when 3 female Chinese athletes, broke 5 world records for 1,500, 3,000 and 10,000 meters in Beijing, China. They were tested after the races for anabolic steroids, but the tests proved negative. Their coach told reporters that the runners had been taking cordyceps, which was not an illegal substance.

The best known of the Cordyceps family of fungus is cordyceps sinensis, known in English commonly as caterpillar fungus as it is known to grow inside caterpillars and take them over. It has long been considered a medicinal mushroom in oriental medicines, such as Chinese and Tibetan medicine.

So what are the claimed benefits of cordyceps mushrooms ?

Recently, scientists from Nottingham University documented how Cordiceps can fight cancer.

In Traditional Chinese and Tibetan Medicine it is used to increase energy, the libido, sports and work performance. It is increasing in popularity and is used for its health-promoting qualities. The following are said to be some of the cordyceps benefits :-

Adrenal insufficiency
Immune enhancement

Collecting cordyceps in the wild is very time consuming and also very expensive, although it provides a great income for the Tibetan peasants who collect it.

But as it is so expensive, labs have been studying ways of cultivating it in the laboratory. The attempts have been successful and now there are laboratory grown cordyceps which is even stronger than the original wild version.

Cordyceps has also been used for centuries to treat male and female sexual dysfunction, such as hypolibidinism and impotence. It is said to stimulate the supra renal glands and increase hormonal secretions and blood flow; strengthen body and mind ; increase primary ‘motive’ force for life activities ; replenish expended energy from exertion, stress and aging ; improve lung capacity and efficiency ; restore physical stamina and recuperative ability ; improve appetite.

History of Cordyceps Cultivation

The first successful Cordyceps culture was isolated by the Institute of Materia Medica of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1972. This strain was named CS-4 and was introduced in China as a prescription medicine in 1988 under the name Jin Shui Bao.

Although CS4 was the best option at the time, it does not mean it is the best choice now. A company called Aloha Medicinals has now developed a revolutionary method of hybridization for mushrooms that has been granted a U.S. patent and they now make the only cultivated Cordyceps that is genetically Bio-Identical to the naturally occurring wild Cordyceps.

Despite this the Cordyceps grown in cultivation was still not as potent as wild Cordyceps but in May and June of 2006 Aloha Medicinals after extensive research in Tibet developed new methods of cultivation, which have resulted in the cultivation of Cordyceps that has resulted in a quantum leap in Cordyceps cultivation, reducing costs and increasing the quality.

Aloha Medicinals has also made some fantastic discoveries and is currently examining a newly discovered class of antiviral compounds isolated from these recently identified Cordyceps strains. The goal is to produce new antiviral medications for use in treating viral infections including HIV and Hepatitis.

I haven’t actually tried cordyceps yet, but given what I have just learned I think I will get out to my local health food store to see what I can find ! It would also appear that cordyceps is becoming increasingly well-known as I’ve just seen a TV documentary all about it. To see the video of cordyceps controlling an ant click here cordyceps

About the Author

Over 25 years experience of the health service – for investing info check out Treadmills or Cordyceps Benefits

Pre-Built Home Sauna Kits

home sauna kits

Have fun assembling a home sauna kit

Home Sauna Kits Are Easy to Make and Good for Your Health

A sauna is a small room in which to enjoy the pleasures of wet or dry heat sessions with few or no clothes on. The good thing is that you can buy saunas in kit form and put them together yourself. Home Sauna Kits will cost you between $1,500 and $12,000 depending on the size and accessories.

You can take a sauna on your lonesome, with a friend or in groups. Participants remove their clothes (they can keep a towel on) and sit in temperatures in excess of over 80°C (176°F). This, needless to say, causes sweating which induces relaxation and at the same time eliminates toxins.

If you can use a hammer and a credit card then you can buy a sauna kit and put it together pretty easily, although the help of a friend would be useful.

Pre-built modular sauna kits, aka prefab sauna kits, are recommended if you want a home sauna that is easy to assemble, take down, move and re-assemble. You only need a few tools and elementary carpentry skills, Two pairs of hands are required though.

In addition, assembly only takes about an hour, so you can put it up and use it straightaway. Pre-cut sauna kits should everything you need for a sauna installation.
Pre-built saunas are generally for indoor use, although you can find kits for outdoor use if you have no room indoors.

An indoor sauna need not be very big and can fit in a basement or garage. This is the cheapest way of getting yourself a sauna.

What You Get in a Sauna Kit

A basic sauna kit will simplify things as all the wood is cut to the right size, in the right wood – cedar. Cedar is the best wood to use as it expands and contracts.

DIY Home Sauna Kits will have the wall and ceiling panels, trim and base boards, a pre-hung door, benches, the heater, the threshold and casing, and any accessories.

You will probably need a qualified electrician to do the wiring.

If you choose a gas-fired heater you will need a certified professional to install the gas.

Heating System. Electric heaters are the most popular but gas heaters are cheaper to run (although this will depend on gas prices of course). Wood-fired heaters should only be used outdoors in detached saunas not in indoor home saunas. Far Infrared Ray (FIR) ceramic heaters are another popular choice but they don’t use traditional hot rocks like other stoves.

Prefabricated (Modular) Home Sauna Kits – you get everything you need to set up the sauna, including the instructions and illustrations.

These saunas do not need framing or insulation so if carpentry ain’t your thing then go for this option. The only disadvantage is the carriage cost – a large unit could cost several hundred dollars to ship.

A pre-fab kit can be erected in a one or two hours, custom DIY steam sauna kits can take a whole weekend.

Home sauna kits come in different sizes depending on the space available and also how many people you intend to squeeze in there. Saunas are no place for being shy !

The Health Benefits of a Sauna

When you are in a sauna the pores of your skin open up. When you sweat, dirt and oil drains out of your pores and skin. A half hour session will cleanse your pores thoroughly and your skin will feel soft and smooth, which is well worth the investment of your valuable time and money!

A sauna uses a fair amount of energy but will add value to your house should you ever consider selling it. So don’t delay buy one today !

Motorized Treadmill Tips

Tips for Choosing a Motorized Treadmill

In the area of health and fitness, motorised treadmills are amongst the most popular forms of home exercise equipment for people wanting to lose weight, but what do you need to look out for in a motorised treadmill?

Firstly the motor must be efficient. Generally a 1.5 hp motor is the minimum, you should consider, this is suitable for people up to 250 pounds. The higher the horse power, the smoother the treadmill.

The incline range can be fixed, manual or power. Fixed inclines can’t be changed and are therefore uncommon. With manual incline you need to change incline manually when you are not using the treadmill. These are cheaper. Power incline means you can adjust the incline using controls, even when using the machine.

The best incline range is a 0-10% power incline treadmill.

Speed depends on the purpose of the treadmill and fitness levels. For walking a 0-6mph speed is enough.

For running a 6-12mph speed is better, 8mph for light workouts and 12mph for serious runners.

Features & Programmes – Electronic feedback is standard and is recommended for any motorised treadmill you decide to buy , speed, time and distance. There are also treadmills with pre-set programmes that target goals such as fat loss, cardio etc…

Some motorised treadmills store personalised programmes and a record of previous workouts. Extras include heart rate programmes, which show the zone you should work at for maximum benefits. This is recommended for most users.

Choosing Exercise Equipment

Choosing Exercise Equipment

If you decide to invest in exercise equipment it is important to know what type of home exercise equipment you wish to purchase?

There are a wide variety of different tyoes of exercise equipment available on the market.  exercise bikes, treadmills, elliptical trainers  weight training equipment, ski training equipment, and also equipment used for so-called passive exercising such as inversion tables .

Many people prefer exercise equipment for many reasons to actually running round in circles in the streets or parks.

First, you can exercise at home, out of the weather and you can do other stuff like watching the TV at the same time. You can also go to a gym and use their equipment there.

Running on machines also has benefits to your joints as some of the machines do not cause impact or strees on your knees and ankles etc…

Machines also have instruments on them such as heart monitors, pulse rates monitors, strees minotors etc… and you can change the degree of difficulty my adjusting the incline or the speed of the machine.

You can also meet people and make friends down at the gym which you might not do if you are running in the street.

My Exercise Bike !

Exercise Equipment

I have tried posting videos here but for some reasont hey never work.

In my attempt to get fit or maybe that should be keep fit I thought I should get an exercise bike. Was that a good idea ? Only time will tell. It certainly forces you to get up off your settee as so far I haven’t discovered one that is incorporated into my settee so that I can pedal lying down and get fit while I snooze !

What they are starting to do however is to plug exercise bikes into the mains electricty grid to make electricity while you are pedalling. Now that is a good idea as you could reduce your electricity bill as you pedal and maybe one day even get paid for pedalling. Of course some peope would then pedal all day long and the do-gooders in the world would complain that this was slave labour !

The problem with exercise bikes at the moment of course is that it is an incredibly boring activity so naturally you tend to do it while watching TV – so that you may be getting healthier but you are also getting stupider !

One person I saw on TV the other day while pedalling my way to health and fitness was Susan Boyle - she could do with an exercise bike herself ! But she can certainly sing – so hats off to Susan Boyle and good luck to her. I foresee problems ahead as she is rocketed to international superstardom but it’s got to be better than being unemployed in West Lothian so I dare say that at the moment she is not worrying too much about the possible probelms she may encounter.

The whole cult of celebrity is very peculiar – Susan Boyle was unknown and generally uncared for just a week ago – now everybody and his dog has watched her on youtube and people are camping outside her house in the hope that they might get her autograph.

Also, a CD that nobody was interested in last week is now selling on Ebay for over £1000 because she has become famous and has sung a song on TV. How weird is that ! Still let’s wish her well and let’s hope she gets herself a personal fitness trainer to make her a bit fitter and leaner and meaner !

So my foray into exercise equipment has so far been only a moderate success but I have increasd my knowledge of the trivial pursuits that make this merry world go round !

Pilates Video

Pilates Warm and Warm Down

OK here is another attempt to put up a video from VideoJug – if this one doesn’t work I’ll knock it on the head and go back to using exercise equipment

Preventing Injuries:Pilates: How To Warm Up And Cool Down

Yoga Postures Video

Yoga Standing Asanas Video

Yoga is now very popular in the west as a way of keeping fir. It is of course much more than that being a discpline designer to achieve unionwith the Absolute – yoga means union after all.

Neverthless, lots of people aprpeciate yoga as a means to keep fit.

For a greater understanding of the essence of yoga I recommend you check out Ramana Maharshi the greatest sage of the 20th century in my biased opinion.

Yoga:Yoga: Standing Postures – Part 1

If you are more interested in keeping fit I recommend a new blog on the block which is full (or will be) of intersting and informtive quality articles – Best Way to Lose Weight

Health and Fitness Tip

Health and Fitness – Eat Less Exercise More

My first post on the Health and Fitness blog. A recent survey has shown that it’s not the diet that you follow that makes the difference – Atkins, Zone, High protein or whatever, they are all valid as long as you stick to the plan diligently. The people who lost the most weight over 2 years were thoese who were disciplined enough to not get knocked off track. Recently we have just seen a new diet devised by a doctor based on eating cookies ! When will see the ice cream diet ?  If you are tempted by the idea of an ice cream diet then making your own ice cream is probably the more sensible option – at least youwill get some exercise while making the ice cream especially if you use one of the old manual ice cream makers

This blog is not specifically about weight loss but as a first post I just thought I’d mention that until I get into the hang of how this place works !

So just keep on keeping on!

A diet is for life – actually you don’t need to diet as such, just take in less calories than you use each day and you will lose weight.


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